Murabito Desuga. nanika? CH 9

Murabito Desuga, Nanika? chapter 9

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CHAPTER 9 !!!!

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Getting stronger quickly at the Dragon Village! Part 3

"Your existance.... The world destiny already shifted to the direction of destruction, you noticed that right?" (DK for Dragon King)

"What do you mean?" (Lt for Lute)

I never heard that before.
Even my voice tone sounds so stiff.

"Ah.... you didn't know that." (DK)

Dragon King said that while shrugged.

"You heard me?.... what do you mean?" (Lt)

"Well.... the princess you should protect- is a special existance in this world. I mean, in this world's era.... she is one of the 'Hero' from 4 in total. They have responsibility to save the world from the hand of salvation and the great calamity....the most important existance in this world." (DK)

I understand about that thing.
Cordelia is the Hero of the north, the other hero from the east, west and south... All of them recieves an oracle then unite and help each other.
Everyone know about that story, if not maybe he is living alone in the mountain.
.....more or less, that's the story.

".....Ah, thats right" (Lt)

"The one who strike the darkness with a sword of hope and clean up the disaster..... that is the 'Hero'" (DK)

I respond with frustation mood.

"Aa, that's right" (Lt)

"The hero who is saving the weak and purifying (Kill?) demons.... with such an absolute strength, isn't it?" (DK)

My bad mood turn into a clear anger.
Its not only frustating me, he just said such an obvious things.

"So, what do you mean after said that?" (Lt)

"The weak... the villager is.... even hero saved by the weak villager"  (DK)

Dragon shook his head with a gloomy face.

"....?" (Lt)

With a deep sigh, he said this.

"What do you think about a villager defending a hero ? Is that a good thing?" (DK)

"......?" (Lt)

"I am not only able to read memory but also the world progress... I can read it a bit." (DK)

"What do you want to say?" (Lt)

"At that time, because you annihilate the army of goblins, the history from future is going crazy." (DK)

"....Future history... crazy...?" (Lt)

Ah, and the dragon nodded.

"At that time, at that moment.... actually she was planning to brave herself to protect you" (DK)

"I know even I can't say it... the result is.... you know how it should be. She know how it is in midsummer, she got a wound and couldn't wear a short sleeve shirt." (Lt)

"Yes, that's it... she should be like that, it's a challange for her to protect you... in order to become stronger.... without relying on you to know her quality as a Hero.... in a sense as training, she should heve push herself to the limit" (DK)

"...Well... that is.... what does it matter?" (Lt) [TN: is he that dense?]

By the way, when we were in the prevoius life.... she suddenly went to mountain and participate as a knight.
Usualy insect have an insensible personality

By the way, when we were in the previous life ... ... when she suddenly came to the mountain and began to actively participate in the Knights Order. 
Although those insects (knights order?) were originally have insensible personality, eventhough they disliked the oracle of the 'Hero' from the bottom of their hearts .... 

"- There is nothing that matters, it's because she gets stronger." (DK)

"Is that ... ... why?" (Lt)

"Isn't it the same as the feeling that you are having now?" (DK)

"The same with me ... same ?" (Lt)

"The feeling of want to become stronger in order to protect your important things, isn't it the feeling to get stronger than anything?" (DK)

"……eh?" (Lt)

"A mere 15-year-old girl called as a dragon killer ... Do you think she is possible to gain that title in this world time?" (DK)

"No, that is ... ...." (Lt)

"Originally, the attack of that Goblin ... was an awakening event to decide the preparedness for her to live as a Hero, but you solved it by yourself. The side who should saved poeple is getting saved instead It's a tough topic to say. " (DK)

"No, but ... ...." (Lt)

"And that is the destiny that was prescribed in this world ... Well, now it is uncertain as we go to another branch ..." (DK) [TN : he mean another route, like visual novel maybe]

"............" (Lt)

"- Dragon Killer ... ... To prove that someone is trully a Hero, Driving into full-scale training at full power,
 It's a title you obtained by betting your own life." (DK)

"... ...." (Lt)

"That is not a thing that can be cleared up only with talent, its not simple as you think" (DK)

"... ...." (Lt)

"I can't read everything. Even if it is a serious disaster, I do not know what will happen concretely. But ... the world has largely been ruined. That's all I can say. " (DK)

The Dragon King ridiculous smile on me who kept silent.

"Well, after all, you are just a child ... ... I was a bit disappointed ... Well, that is no problem. When the fate is twisting the band of the Heroes or the world's fate ...... That kind of stuff" (DK) [TN: Not sure in this line]

For the time being, I keep silent. 
And stare at each other silently with Dragon King - 30 seconds. 

So I opened my mouth. 

"She is already useless as a Hero .... Is it something like that?" (Lt)

"According to your memory ... When you are 15 years old, she will be a dragon killer, Right ?" (DK)

"You mean..... when she suffering against the Evil Dragon?" (Lt)

I will never forget. 
Shee was accompanied with the knights order to subjugated some monster, then they met a unusual monsters, and suffered as a witness from the annihilation of the knights order - even the survivor are in the horrible condition.

And aside from the survivor, their head has been separated from their neck to their torso and some of them are from mutilated to burned into ash.

"First, at that point(Prevous life time?)......but this time..... she can't win over that Dragon, 100% dead" (DK)

I keep silent for a while, then I laugh a little towards him.
"Why are you laughing?" (DK)

"What's wrong if I become strong?  I wonder if I could slaugh that evil dragons ... no, it's better....... if I'm the one who did it." (Lt)

"That is ... ...." (DK)

"My childhood friend is a Hero ... at the age of 15 she got the Dragon Killer's title, but all of it has beed reversed....." (Lt)

"hmmm?" (DK) (RAW : Fumu?) 

"- I'm at least 14 years old and I guess it's okay if I can get rid of the evil dragon?" (Lt) [TN : Gooo my boy!]

Listening to that word, Dragon King gets a shaky expression. 

And after a while, Dragon King smiled so gladly. 

Is it still bad? 
I mean my Grammar
and I have a lot works and almost no free time 

what a life huh.... 

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