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Magi Craft Meister Vol 10 Chapter 16

Hell-o Everyone, I'm translating it just for fun and roughly translated so, forgive me if the grammar suck and such

Anyway, Here we go!
MCM 10 - 16


The next morning, it was a time for breakfast around 7:30.
Perhaps it is too early for nobility or royal family. 
Hannah woke up at 5:30 and she still dozing off on the bed then Jin also woke up and playing around with Hannah.
Even though Jin told Hannah he is as her opponent, he keep his vision height same as Hannah.

When the times around six o'clock, Elsa woke up then she rose from her bed and opened the window's curtain.
Since the three of them already awake, they decided to wash their faces together.
When they got out to the hall, an automata was standing there.
The Automata say hi to them. Jin felt that it's vocal chord function also writhered a bit.
The washrom was at the end of the hall (corridor?), wash their faces so their face look fresh.

Jin who saw outside through the washroom's window learnded that the automata is pumping the water to bucket for the mansion use.
"It's behavior is a bit off..."
There is a little feel of sympathy to Clain Kingdom. At the same time, a cheerful voice come from behind.
"Oh, Jin and the siblings already awake, Good morning"
The princess Liesheen was there, she wears a silky and a bit thin glossy sleepwear, Jin sight stuck there but it wasnt seen through. (TN: Tch....)

With the elderly maid standing there and already prepared the towel and hair brush, thoose 3 (or 4?) wash their face and wash their mouth one person at time and wipe their face with a towel recieved from that elderly maid.
Jin noticed the mirror in the washroom, but its abit distorted and not glossy.
"<Deformation> <Surface Selftreatment>"
Jin used his magic to clean the mirror.       (Thanks to DJแซนวิต who corrected this line)
The princess who saw it was very pleased. (amazed?) 
"I see! Magi craftman is amazing! We have to develope even more in this country."
The princess herself have been thinking about internal affair,
Meanwhile Jin being himself. (Thanks for TheDefend to correct it)

"Elsa, the deformation is looks easy and important too, The simpler the shape, the more clearer the image is. You have to make the mirror surface flat."
Jin holding a little lecture to Elsa.

"Hnn, Got it"
Meanwhile, Hannah walks back to the bedroom, The princess stopped her.
"Where are you going Hannah? Come to the room of mine. Let's play together"
"Eh? Playing with you?"
"Yes, that's right. Come on."

Before the princess talk to hana, she decided to borrow Jin's and Elsa's sister, and pulled out her hand. Hannah seems in the good mood to take the princess hand.
However, I (Jin?) don't know how are the royality spend their time like.

Jin who decided to return to his room said that to Elsa,
"If Hannah-chan is with jin-nii, her common sense will destroyed" (TN: i think she said this either to jin or princess)
And while walking away Jin pretend to didn't hear that and so he smiled wryly.
"Father, this is the material you asked for."

Reiko who saw that scene finished showed the the material that Jin ordered last night.
It looks like the material brought inside the leather bag that exist anywhere, and while Reiko brought that while she under the <Hide> effect.
Jin confirmed the material inside it and smiled when he thought what he wanted going to be completed (not sure in this line so i changed it a little).

After Hannah came back, Jin who looked toward Hannah opening the door is surprised and amazed/speechless.
"Ehehe~, how is it?"
Hannah was wearing a gorgeous dress like a princess.
"How is my used dress? is it suit her?"
The princess who came later said so.
Hannah's chestnut hair, wich Jin altered(the colour) have been decorated with silver hair ornament with flower motif.
The dress is a thin red color that the princess's favorite color. Decorated with laces and frills make it more pretty. And a slightly large ribbon is placed on the chest.
She wearing a pair of pure white gloves that reached the elbow area that suit an little princess.
"It suits you, it's realy cute,"

When Jin praised her, Hannah smiled widely and gigled.


"I want to give that dress to Hannah, take it home with you."
Princess said that while they are eating breakfast.
"Well it is because I can't wear it again anyway."
"Un! Princess, thank you!"("un" is more like "yes" and Elsa almost used the same word for affirmative)
Hannah rejoice happily. The princess's face who saw it loosened. Even for the princess who is the youngest child cannot helped it in front of the cute Hannah. (TN: Umu, Hannah is cute, indeed. after i translate this i bet there is a swarm of police in front of my house)
Usualy there is wont be easy for a commoner have such a familiarity to the royality, actually that seems to be impossible.

"Well then, Let's eat then fix it"
Jin who finished eating breakfast declared to the princess to start repairing.
"Your Higness, please bring all the automata that works here. Then the material I asked yesterday."
He asked her to lend a room to work at the same time.
The princess nod and took Jin to another room. There was a frugal room about 10 tatami size, and in the corner of the room there was the material that Jin had asked.
How about in this room?"
Because there are a large and sturdy table placed inside, she knew that jin was fine here.
"Elsa, help me work. How about Hannah?"
"Hannah... can I accompany her?"
The princess herself made such an offer, so Jin gratefully accept her offer and he let Hannah play with princess.
Since Jin use the material from Hourai Island, its a bit hard to deceived princess.
"Well then, I beg to you."         (Thanks to DJแซนวิต who also corrected this line)
She doesn't need to monitor Jin's works or whether she really trust him.
There were eleven automata, including Tia those working in the mansion.
"Well then, shall we started from Tia first?"
"Yes, please."
Jin make Tia lied on the table and inactive it. Then he remove all it's clothes this time.
Elsa who was watched it raised her voice and blushed. Same as Ann, part of Tia was made exactly like a woman.
Without minding that part, Jin disassemle Tia at once.
Strip away all rinds and magical skins and also it's exterior. 
"Ahh, this is terrible."
"Hmm, somehow rags."
Because Elsa watched when Jin made Lotte in Blue Land, she desn't disturbed at all.
"Ah, the skeleton is distorted and rusty."
The skeleton made from steel like Ann, but the color is a bit red because it rusted at the joint parts and also it's a bit bent.
"I want to make it from white/ light silver but its impossible, I will make it from stainless steel."
Jin said so then he took chrome and nickel from Reiko's leather bag that originaly from Hourai Island. That is what he intended to do.
"Elisa, look carefully, this is chromium, this is nickel. Mixing it with steel makes it an alloy called stainless steel."
While explaining, Jin slowly remove Tia's skeleton using Eoncoat (alloying) magic technique to caoting the stainless steel alloy (carboning). (TN: seriously in raw it translated as "using alloy to alloying with alloying magic for alloy)
To adjusing the distortion he use <Deformation>. Coat the joint part with adamantite.
"The skeleton are done, next is the muscle."
He asked princess to order the leather of sandworm, It is a devil in the Imperial (demons?) area. It seems quite expencive here, where the location is quite far and the amount was small.
However, he anticipated it, he already prepared a large amount of magic fiber that is producted in Hourai island. Combining those two is quite good.
"So, by combining thin fibers and twisting it makes more sturdier and more supple."
Jin who is the one to replace the magical muscle while explaining it to Elsa. Elsa is looking at Jin's hand movements to devour his knowledge, trying to remember his movement that way.
"With this, Ok. More than half considered useless."
"I think that Jin-nii who finished it in 15 minutes is amazing."
Next is the magic device, such as control core, yesterday Jin confirmed that Magi crystal power is almost empty.
He Replaced the robust magi crystal, there is no need to worry of the Unifier anymore, but, just in case, he will make the countermeasure againts <Overwrite> magic.
The Magi device is restored in the mithril casing and surrounded with sponge for the cushioning material made of gourasherum and finished, its a bit bulky because this material he used/arranged.
They exchanged all magical device that already tattered with the new item as well. The old nucleus control core are to be analyzed in Hourai Island. There may be some new information in it.

"It will be fine for another 20 to 30 years without maintance."
The improvements were made so that it would hardly deteriorate for daily works.
Jin will return the exterior to the original place. Jin using <Self Treatment> on the exterior parts and the other rusty place.
And for the final touch is the magical skin. This also made from Hourai Island, He made the exact same color, but for the certain part Jin thinking "what to do for this part?".
Jin heard that the princess used to drink milk from it, so Jin decided to leave the nipple part on it's chest.
Because there was a tank to store milk inside the breast part, considering that it should be used as nursing nanny, even Jin redeveloped it.

Jin admired that inside of the tank was engraved with the magic formula of <Purification cleanup> and it used with intention to prevent decaying/spoilage(milk).
"But only just clean up is useless,"
It is effective but insufficient. Decaying/Spoilage can't be prevented only by purifying cleanup that separates impurities. Well, as long as there is no any impurities, it will slow down the spoilage.
In that sense, Jin added a original magic formula <sterilization>.
"Underneath is......"
The problem is the lower abdomen. After all the trouble, He decided to leave it as it just by putting <reinforcement>, without exchanging any magical skin there.
"Jin-nii, your face become red."
While Elsa pinted that out, Jin ended all the work in half an hour.
Dressed it and reactivate the power. Tia who awaken deeply lowered it's head and thanked Jin.
"Jin-sama, thank you very much. With this, I can work again."
"Tia, now you are restored. Well the other performance should be better than before. I will tell the princess."
After Jin said it. Tia smiled and answer it.
"Yes, certainly. Because the princess is the meaning of my existence here."


The remaining 10 automata were restored quickly. The 7 automata who worked indoors were made by Eglea/Egerea Kingdom, the other 3 working outdoors made by Seruora Kindom.
There is no any deterioration of the magical skin, and it seems it will last long enough with only <reinforcement>.
However, since most of the joints are wearing downd, most of them wer repaired and coated with adamntite.
As the skeleton was basicaly only iron, he add nickel and chromium, and make them stainless steel. Nickel and chromium he brought for this is almost run out.
"There is no Ether converter, ....."
Because the present era, the mana tank are used instead of ether converter.
When Jin think of where to refill the mana tank, it seems there is a magical manna supplier machine further behind the washroom.
The automata whose run out of mana need to go there to refill the mana tank either itself or you refill it yourself.
"There is a considerable ammount of Magic fiber left that i prepared, so let's strengthen it."
Jin who strengthen it with his original made magic muscle fiber. You can say that the output is 1.5 times more stronger/durable.
Those whose voice function is degraded are replaced the magic crystal. Jin almost run out of magic crystal he brought. Only one left. He put it in his pocket.
"Okay, finished"
After he fix them one by one in turn, and the last automata went out of the room.
Elsa sighing after she watch them get out. Its understandable because she also help Jin who worked 2 hours continuosly.
"...we aren't done yet?"
Elsa amazed,
"No, you see, what kind of mana supplier is for them to refill the mana tank."
That's right, after walk out to corridor/hall, just as Jin wondering to follow them.
"Inside the washroom, and.... Oh is it that?"
There was a huge device there, Jin want to analyze it's enginering magic.
"Hmm, the principle/method is close to Ether converter, but you can only make it with a huge ammount of it."
Stop tampering, only the part that seems inefficient tampered, Jin who keeps moving his hands for a while.
"Well, i guess this would improve its efficiency."
That said, Jin said looked fairly satisfied.
Tia's performance is should be 3 times better than usual.

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