Murabito ch5

Murabit Desu ga, Nani ka? Chapter 5

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Get a juicy knowledge with cheat! ~(Me) VS Goblin Edition~ First Part

--When I still in the tutorial .... .... On that day, I could only look at Cordelia who is hurt and just stood on that spot.

The Horde of Goblins attacked my village because they wanted food supply and they purely attacking for food.... I guess that the reason.


The oracle decided the 'Hero' already and the chosen one is Cordelia

What's more, she was 12 years old at that time.

Indeed, when her aptitude as 'Hero', her growth is absurdly like a monster.

Compared to normal people, her status at that time is certainly amazing.

But, before her full-fledge growth status at the prime time, she is still 12 years old girl.

As for her ability at that point, even the those middle-aged veteran who seems to be wearing 'Kuda' in his glorious past while in Adventurer's guild is still somewhat useless. [TN: idk what is Kuda in this line, when  i googling what the meaning of it in japanese terms, what i found is pipe fox, or pipe cigarette,  this is pipe fox]

I think the number of goblin exceeded 1000.........probably.

Their number is too great

Even adults pushed everything to her the 'Hero' who is stand in front line.

To put it simply, they (adults/villagers) just trembling and holed up themself in the village curch.

Even all the enemies is regarded as small fish .... yep,the goblins.

A lot of people (villager) are involved in protecting the village...... and they are fighting back with a hoe, and swing the hoe in full force. If they supporting Cordelia.... maybe they have been able to drove out those goblins with the strength of the whole village.

-but, they didn't choose that option.

And they entrusted everything to 12-years old girl who is just receieved title as 'Hero' from Oracle.

Then, in the middle of dead bodies, she worked while struggling like a lion with the sword wich the blade is spilled in bloods and oil. [TN: Oil?]

With her physical ability, Cordelia could escape from the army of goblins.

But, she didn't do that.

In the alley of building, at the back is a wall.

Foolishly, she is..... pushed back violently from the chain of attack, because, she is protecting the trembling boy behind her.

-and, because that boy...she can't escape or run away

Even if he is crying, no one comes to help.

There is impossible to fight back.

However, Cordelia gets hurt in front of that boy.

She repeatedly looked at that boy and said-

"Lute! are you alright?! It's okay... because I'm here- kuh..! I will clean up all of those guys...guh! Please call me out loud... if something happened to you...!"

Cordelia herself is bleeded from her whole body and her face was pale.

And I.... uninjured.

To be honest, that was.... the most hard time i had.

Yes, I am..... not even helping her, even in the battlefield...... in the first place.

At that time, for the first time I learned the sin of my powerlessness.

Countless of slashing attack.

And thus, a tragedy.

Returning the vermillion of Cordelia's red hair become more red from her own blood and their's. (maybe goblin bloods)

After all, we are outnumbered.

Finally Cordelia run out of stamina, and she were on one knee.

The goblins who surround us come with the sharp siege and scorching torch.

She was fighting with goblins in the last moment, and finally reached her limit.

She receive the goblin's spear attack.

Then... Her right hand, receiving a deep wound and still survive until her end of life, after that she fell down on the spot.

So I thought I was killed afterward

But- a single dragon appeared.

And then I and Cordelia seemed to be helped by that dragon.

This is, the end of that story.

Then, this time.... when the dragon helped me, the dragon supposed to take me to the dragon village.

So, I have to trace as much as possible to remember from the previous history.

Strangely/Oddly, I have the power force to drove away the horde of goblins to help out Cordelia..... maybe the dragon wouldn't come out this time.[TN: is this the story before chapter 1 or what? isn't previously he is already dead once again and reincarnated again?]

- I admit it, this is extremely troublesome.

So, what i do this time is..... pretending to be late to escape and fleed because that raid of goblins.

And I wandered into alley that surrounded by building.

Then, Cordelia appeared with her crimson hair swaying as my condition in a pinch while being surrounded by goblins.

The event from previous time was exactly same as this time that is called repeating time

The horde of goblins is approaching, and Cordelia cleans up with great momentum.

However, she isn't used to battle, she gradually out of stamina and MP without thinking allocation of her own pace.{TN: in other words with one word "Noob", like me though *sniff]

Now, It's my verocious duty time.

-Too much waste of movement. Honestly, I've already used to strengthen my physical ability. Unlike Cordelia, my MP is infinite..... at least I saving it (his power) if anything like marathon of battle like this event happened.

Although they make me cornered, I can't help Cordelia.

Because, she won't die even i didn't help her.

Yeah, although she got some wound, she won't die.

It is more bothering me if she repeatedly got more scar.


The goblin's spear head grazing Cordelia's cheek.

Cordelia screamed when she is bleeding lightly.

"YOU BASTAAAAARD!!!" [TN: sorry i can't hold back to use that word, RAW: 「このおおおおおっ!!」

The goblin's stomach slashed by sword.

The goblin who realized it's guts flowing out from their own stomach is fell down on the spot.

She slashed her sword.

Another goblin collapsed.

She slashed her sword.

Yet another goblin collapsed.

She slashed her sword.

One more goblin collapsed, and an arrow flying toward her from behind.

She avoid it but it graze her, another scar is carved on her skin.

How long has it been since the battle began.

Having wounds all over her's body since last time.

And her breath is quite rough, she asked me while saw the situation at the alley's corner.

"Lute!? You're alive!? It's allright... because I'm here! I'll clean up all of them now....! If you need help... just call me okay?"

So she is, as I though, bloods dripped from her whole body.

And exactly like the last time, I am stil unharmed

Then- innumerable slash and scourge are received.

Cordelia's crimson hair become more intense blood coloured from the many of goblin's bloods.
At least her, to be more precise her MP is running out.

In the symptom of MP depletion, she is unable to battle and on one knee.

The goblins surrounding her and close the escape route.

If she keep the situation as it is, while Cordelia is still holding back the pain from her wound____ the dragon appeared after a few minutes.

So, I bit my lips and desperate enough to endure the sight.

-Its fine enough.

Now and in this place, I change the history drastically.

Cordelia's wound is not so deep. but the amount of her blood has come out is quite a lot..... There is impossible to save her.

Well, That is fine.

There is one goblin jump out from the front and a bit sland to the righ side of Cordelia.

That is..... what I think.

Yes, I won't forget that- the scar on the left side of Cordelia that remains same as the prevous time that damaged her appearance.

There is the taste of blood as I bit my lips.
-its fine as it is. As long as Cordelia doesn't die.

But... I think.
The attack... that scratches at this time..... the scratches of major injuries that she will receive - the one that she care about when in the future its become old wounds.

She only can only stand on with her one foot and one knee.

To think of her who is struggling for being abandoned by the other villager while she keep fighting out.

Being arbitrary Hero, the upstarter....who struggling to survive.

And now, who won't be able to move due to bleeding and out of MP.

When I think so, her back is like saying it can't take this burden anymore and can't get up.

 -Well of course, its natural for 12 years old girl who have that kind of weight. (responsibility as "Hero" maybe?)

For what purpose when I ask myself that I thought 'I would become strong'.

To become wannabe 'Hero'? 

-Certainly to be it.

To become a member party of Hero led by Cordelia?

- Certainly there will also be that.

But that's not it. That is not what I really want. That's not it.

What I really want to -

- Standing next to her, to build an equal relationship....with her, so I can protect her.

When i Noticed it, my body move by it self.

- Skill: Enhance physical ability

- Skill: Physical resistance

- Skill: Shadow steps

What is the purpose of polished my strength? For this moment?

-Isn't it? Lute McLain.... No, Iijima Ryuuto!

-Ah, whatever.

I had a bitter smile against my own question.

And I was grasping the head of the goblin trying to attack Cordelia.

"Hey, you little.... what the hell are you want to do to her with that smelly hand, huh?"

as I said that while I doing body blow from the side of that goblin's body.

That goblin gushed out gastric droll while it shrilling voice like "Gugya-"

-Oops, I did it.

But, isn't that good to do it?

The dragon won't show up, if I clean up this flock of goblins here.

However, if I let Cordelia cry here - It is a good example how insufficient my stand point for her.

-That's why, its fine.

"Cordelia..... Well done, to do this alone so far.... now, leave it all up to me."[TN: insert "Butterfly and Hurricanes" by Muse as bgm]

"Lute...? To let....fighting those goblins, but you are just....a villager?"

And I took the sword used by Cordelia.

"You are right, I'm just a villager."

"Please just run away from here, Lute! It's okay! You can just leave me here! Please, you must get away from here!"

"Don't worry"
"But, you are a villager-"

"I am a villager, but its not an ordinary villager"


"I am - the strongest villager on this land"

I stare at the surrounding goblins.

"I won't let every one of them escape from here, okay? So... I heard about you a while ago... that we are equal at strength?"
I hold the sword.

Pack group of goblins in front of me...roughly around 500 goblins.

If it was the former me, I could only sit down and shake in fear.

But, the present me is different.
The 2nd time..... for 12 years is not a joke.

-I don't feel like losing even by surprise attack.
And behind me is Cordfelia that she can't even move......Now the position is reversed here.
I lifted my voice while facing those goblins.

"...Come on..... Bring it on!"

Well, how is it? Horrible right?
Somehow, i want to eat french fries now

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  1. Then, in the middle of dead bodies, she worked while struggling like a lion with the sword wich the blade is spilled in bloods and oil

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