Murabito Desuga, Nanika? Chapter 3

Murabito Desuga? Nanika? Chapter 3

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This is chapter 3

Get a juicy knowledge with cheat! ~Money Earning Edition~

"I'm going"

As I said when i laeving home.
My house is in the countryside.
Behind my house is a mountain.
And except for the mountain, my house is surrounded by rice field, it is around 500 meters away to the neighbour house wich is Corfelia's. [TN:neighbour? 500 m away, whoaa...]

So ... I can walk around to some extent alone when I was four years old.
My household is poor. Well, it's just an villager family.
And now, I am playing alone, and i supposed to picking wild vegetables at the side of mountain.
I mean, speaking about a genius boy playing in the mountain, that's where i am. [TN:bruh...]

Whatever it is called, as natural matter to eat wild vegetables, and I also bring back some medicinal herbs that sell by value with quite high probability.
That's why my parents have decided to discretion in a certain degree for me who is walking down from mountain early in the morning and evening. [TN: .... im not sure in this line, does he mean he is goes to mountain 2 times in a day?]

Well, I don't have a lot of time to do something so troublesome such as picking wild vegetables or taking medicinal herbs.

Wild Vegetables, Medicinal Herbs, and sometimes Rabbit Meats.
Sometimes I taking all of those home..... Sometimes I bought those in the town.
That why I decided to go to mountain and asking myself "What were you doing at the mountain?"...... I tought "I went outside the village and earn some money"

How does a mere 4 years old child earn money? or, what are you earning money for?

As for How to earn, its simple story with my MP and skills.
And, it is a simple answer to what i am earning for.

-I decided to become stronger.

Then, on the rice field that leads the way to where the mountain is, I encountered the future 'Hero'- Cordelia.

One piece on smooth crimson hair like silk and blue eyes.
A Beauty that 'common sense' can only expressed as an angel, exactly with that white smooth skin.
To say that, she is not too easy to imagine that her future would grow so beautifully. But I know that she will grow up into a really ridiculous beauty.

As I thought that, she running towards me while her cheeks inflating (pouting).

"I want to~ go to the mountain with Lute~"

Sorry Cordelia. Where I go to is not a mountain but a city.

"...I'm not going to bring Cordelia with me"

"Ugugu....gugu...." (while pouting) [TN: so cute....]

Cordelia is in the edge of want to cry while watching me.

"Lute is.... won't play with me... Why? Why? I am lonely..." [TN: can i hug her?... dont ever call police okay?]

If i want to say everyting, I just can say that is your fault.

Even though she hasn't received a oracle. A proof that someone is certified as 'Hero', someone who have a status that growing at the speed of light -because the gap of growing is like an different dimension.

That's why the 'present' me..... have to make a choice.

Then *Pon (SFX) and i pat her head.

"I will play with you next time so.... I'm sorry"

A big grain of tears flowed on her cheek.

"idiot... Lute is .... Lute is.... Idioo-----t!" [TN: aa~ Lute is guilty, to make a Cute child like her cry]

Cordelia going home and running off shouted with tears.

"I....I won't listen to you anymore!"

That quite a pain i thought...  I caught sight of Cordelia who is running off in a crowd.
And she got scolded on the way.

".....Uwaaa~! *hiks..u...uu~ *hiks I...idiot! Lu~te is idiot!"

Whoaa.... what a pain....
Then, she began walking to the entrance of my house.


I entered the mountain with the slight of power from my skill.

Then I run through the forest at the speed of wind.
Around 100 meter run with only 14 second, for young children that throught out the forest at ultra high speed.

What I use is physical ability strengthening : Level 4.

The theory of physical strengthening is very simple.
It is said to reinforce muscle cells with magical power to produce force that exceeding the limit of potential ability.

So, there is no one who can use this at my age.
Well, there is no doubt that it is quite rare, but this skill is a skill that is considered essential in close battle.
If you are a son of a nobility from a professional soldier who is charged with Iroha martial arts, probably you can use it around the same age as me.

By the way, it was 7 years old that Cordelia's oracle was received and at the age of 6 and she learned this skill ...... Well, whatever.

In other words, this skill is quite hard to learn and i train it up to Level 4.

And.... Thanks to this skill I can instaneously draw unexpected power output, obviously there is need a consideration for using this skill.

Because it reinforces the muscles with magical power, it inevitably uses MP.
And if the user MP is dried out, he is done for.
That's why, normally this skill is used when you are really need a boost for physical ability, temporary.
For example, when you are in battle, or like carrying a hufe baggage. 

However, even though my MP capacity is exceeds that the adult have,..... Seriously, what a cheat i am.

That skill can be strengthened throughout the day [TN: not sure in this line  それこそ一日中でも強化していられる。]
Actually, by just adding or subtracting power adjustments, I constantly strengthening that skill. (adjusting his mana output, maybe)

Recently, it's so difficult to exhausting my MP, and i have to deplete my MP like this right now. (He mean draining his MP on the go)
Honestly, what i did is too much in many mays [TN: he reflecting himself, at least]

Like ... go through the mountains and enter the forested land at the flatland.
I run and keep running through the forest for 30 minutes.
Finally I reached the roadside town on the higway.

And at the end of the road - While at the usual place- nobody is around, I put a goza (kind of mat) like usual and set a price list.
Then, a traveler took off his shoes in less than a few minutes and sat down on the goza.

"Hey young'un..... are you under supervision within the Curch? Is it good.... is it good with just 2 copper coins?"

it's worth around 2000 yen in japan.
When i nodded, the traveler showed me the soles of his feet to me.

"The blister is wounded when walking.... Afterward it's purely fatigue accumulating on the feet"

After I said that words, I applied the healing magic to the traveler's feet.
Then that blister wound is healed while the patient was watching.

"Unn...(yes), thank you"

Satisfied with the treatment, he stood up and give the money to me.

What I did there is an instant healing magic.
Usually this lodging cities (Port town) is the rest area for peddler or  traveler.
The traffic on this higway is quite crowded, my work wont interrupted, and customers will appear constantly.
Espectially, I'm doing it at a price that less than half of usual price, so it's quite pulling some customers.

Even though my MP extension is in fever time continues, it is so boring with my skyhigh MP capacity until it runs out.
And if someone is at my age, that is not uncommon (not rare) to be able to handle rudimentary the recovery magic if you are a son of professional magician.

Well~, there are no one who can do infinite recovery magic like me.

That's why i'm traveling around the town's roadside of the higway with a tremendous number of treatments that not stand out too much, and I planning to spend on consumption my MP and small earnings.

By the way, money that was I earning in the past six month is around 100 million Japanese yen that I stored behind the mountain.
Even with this alone you already know how ridiculously my MP is. That is because the order of recovery magic that determined with supply and demand. [TN: not sure in this line]

Well, this is still so far from the target amount.
It's not like I am in a hurry, it's just like I want to expanding my MP . [TN: how greedy human creature are....]

And then.
Its alredy evening while I still around the post town.

While I looking at the status plate, it seems my strengthening physical ability became 5 because i was running around.
*Uuush, when i made a guts pose, I Packing up my goza and went home.

Opposide to where the road i came from, I entered from the large forest and then exited to backyard.
I dug the ground and pick up the vase from there and threw the money that I earned today into there.
So.... I passing throught the mountain and went out to rice field.

And I encountered Cordelia [TN: The wild cute girl appeared.... sorry i can't hold myself at that line from P*kemon]


She is starring at me with her puffed cheeks.

"What's wrong, Cordelia?"

".........." [TN: the best line ever!]

She still silent and keep staring at me.

"So, what's wrong, Cordelia?"

Then she turn to sideways with a sound effect.


"I can't hear you, is your voice that small?"

"I said I won't talk to you anymore.... I have been here since morning"

Uwaa... What a pain....

I picking up something at my pocket and took out the parcel.
And approaching Cordelia.

"Hey, It's a souvenir for you"


Cordelia open up the wrapped parcel.

"It's a whote bread sandwich, bacon with lettuce and cheese are sandwiched... that you like, you want it?"

Bread that is served as meal in poor farmers household is called black bread.
It's texture very hard and i can't eat as is it.
Soak it in soup, and it's like finally it can be eaten, that was totally different from the bread that i know before.
Bread that you can eat in Japan is a luxury item called white bread in here. (it's not only japan geeez)

there is no chance to eat it (white bread) without a little celebration, and also white bread is Cordelia's favorite.


After a brief mute, Cordelia smiled widely.

"This is so troublesome, so please just eat it right now"

After i said that, Cordelia nodded like a clown and began picking up the sandwich with tremendous momentum (hasty movement).
Actually, it is very weird to say that 'I got this food from Lute' and bring it home.

My parents still think me as an ordinary kid. [TN: well, you're a naughty one you know]


Cordelia who finished her meal lending her right hand towards me.
This is a thing that called 'connecting/holding hands'.

While thinking that is so troublesome, I took her hand, and we started walking towards our home. [TN: Tch.....]

"Ne~ ne~ Lu~te?" (Ne~ ne same as 'Hey hey' if you didn't know that)


"Today~, my mother is~" <Cordelia>

"You see..." <Lute>

"Hmm, what?" <Cordelia>

"You say you won't talk to me for the rest of your life, right?" <Lute>

To my words, Cordelia answered with a big smile.

"Do you know what i mean?" <Cordelia>

"" <Lute>

"I take what i said back~"

Wry smile appeared at my face towards her words.

"Yeah~ yeah~ is that so~?"

Then we joined hands and we go home to each of our house.

Two years has passed when I still continuing such a life... Finally the amount of target was reached.
My enhancement program proceed to the next stage.


Name : Lute McLain
Race : Human
Occupation : Villager
Age         : 6 years old
Condition         : Normal

Level : 1
HP          : 3 → 12/12
MP         : 6852 → 10420/10420
ATK Power : 1 → 15
DEF Power : 1 → 15
Magical Power : 1250 → 1923
Evassive         : 1 → 35

Stengthening Skill
【Physical strengthening: Level 4 → 10 (MAX)】

Defensive skill
【Stomach Strength: Level 2】
Mental Resistance: Level 2
【Intolerance: level 10 (MAX)】

Normal skill:
Agricultural work: Level 15 (Limit Break : Goddess Gift)

Magical power operation: Level 10 (MAX)
【Life Magic: Level 10 (MAX)】
【Elementary attack magic: Level 7】
【Elementary recovery magic: Level 7】

【Strongest Child on Earth: Level 10 (MAX)】
【Youngest Sage: Level 10 (MAX)】
【People's Healing Hand: Level 0 → 10 (MAX)】
【Saints: Level 0 → 3】

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