Murabito ch 7

Murabito desu ga, Nanika? chapter 7

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This is it! Chapter 7

Easy way to get stronger at the Dragon Valley Part 1

"You'd better come here when the day before yesterday."
Its feels like the shortcut's distance is only a few shoulder length. [TN: can you call that shortcut?]

And the one who said that is a woman with light blue coloured hair and wearing white robe.

"That's why, I want to see the Dragon King"

Now, I am at the Dragon's Great Library.

That woman with a light blue hair is sitting on the reception desk.... She is a librarian.

By the way, it seems her age is same as me, around 12 years old...... She looks young as a librarian. [TN: don't judge woman by their appearance, that's rude]

The Dragon Village's residents.

A secret place where in the deepest part of great forest, in the middle of the continent.

That city existed on the Kilra(Kirura/Kirra) plateau that passed through the rugged mountain. [TN: I'm not sure in this line]

There are many building made from stone lining up on the mountain surface.

I wonder, this place image is closer to Machu Pichu, a highland city ruins of the ancient Incan empire in the "Earth".(Machu Pichu is in Peru, andes mountain above 'what is it name again?' valley, if I'm not wrong)

Because it is the place called the dragon village, I thought this place is extremely big at first, actually it is not like that.

The size of this village is no different than the human's according to the humanization law. [TN: umm... why?]

The reason is because that is unnecessary to build that big, and more economical, that is also including their body size. [TN : ..... well, i accept that reason]

The library is exception, this place is insanely wide.

And... even i can't see the edge of this place because how wide this place, something like that.

The bookshelf and the aisles are intermingled like a maze, and from the inside its structure is completely unknown.

Furthermore, you can't estimate its size just from the appearance alone. 

You see, this place is part of the Dragon King's castle, and i do not know where part is library and where part is the castle.

Its easier to say this place is very wide and big.

"Behold!....Dragon King-sama....entering the palace!" [TN: not sure in this line too]

A scary face with a beautiful nice middle beard.

Unlike humans, from their limbs to fingertips are covered with red scales.... Well, it was this Oldman (Ossan) is the reason why I am here.

"Ooh... that is .... the Dragon King-sama"

I nodded satisfiedly after I said that.

".....Give me your status plate quickly. I have another works to do" 

"I want to meet the Dragon King, this is the reception, right?"

The librarian silently nodded.

"....Here is a Great Library, and this is your first time here.... also The Great Naga (? Raw : Naga Shin-zoku) is the current name of Dragon King relaying the requirements of the Royal Palace is very busy. And only the selected person can meet him there."

"You don't need to know.... what I want to do there... I am in a hurry"

"... don't call me 'you'"


"...I am Lilith. I have a name that my parents give me"

Lilith wrapped her eyebrows grumpy.(like "Hmmmph!" maybe?)

"Aa- I'm sorry..." [TN: Hello 'sorry', I'm your dad]

Somewhat, I become too pushy. I will reflect on this.

Nonethless, I can't get dragon protection without meet the Dragon King first. If I can't get it..... I can't level up for a while.

Even after I killed those lot of goblins, my level is still 1.

I mean, it seems my body refused to recieve experience value....(in terms of RPG is EXP for experience point if you didn't know)


Lilith hand out her palm toward me.

According to her action, I gave my status plate to her.

Then she nodded, she took out a crystal ball from under the desk.

"....Resident registration start.... Permission to stay in Dragon city.... Request to meet The Great Naga.....Registered under the red dragon." [TN: sorry, i'm bad at this line]

In order to live in the dragon village, an underwriter's identity is required.

Basically, the dragon tribe tends to disgust human beings (race?)...or disregard the existance of unafforded tribe/race.

They are proud of being a noble species, the weak species who crawl on the ground for them aren't worth for them, that is their nature to not getting involved to other race as much as possible.

Nonetheless, the Dragons doesn't like troublesome things like violence or slaughter, you can say their temper is close to word aloof.

That is a reason for their own ecology, like..... We live solitary alone in closed zone so?, or are they actually making flock of strong personel at this village?

Well, naturally, this place is usually not a place where humans are allowed to live.

However, there are exceptions.

If you are human that can be recognized by dragon like "Your identity are worthy enough to be admitted by us and we guarantee it", the dragon are only want to accept someone by their power alone as collateral, and that is why you are allowed to stay in this village as special case. [TN: I know what they mean but, i can't describe it in this line]

So, why I can stay in here is thanks to that Uncle from Red Dragon tribe as an intervention.... well, if every process is smooth without problem. (who? that Dragon King?)

"By the way, why I can't meet the Dragon King?

"...what a persistent fellow. The Great Naga is a proud being and it is a miracle that someone from outside can stay in this village, including me."

"Is Lilith also a human?"

If you look closely, you cant see any scalp on her hands. [TN: this MC is rude.]


"well, that aside, How can I supposed to meet with the Dragon King?"

Lilith sigh-ed at my answer and about to explain to me boldly.

"...For what purpose do you think I keep your status plate, and are planning to register your number now?"

"What do you mean?"

"*sigh...The Great Naga are the proud being. Even though your identity are accepted..... There is still a restriction"

" there?"

".... I will measure the extent of that restriction from now, and while you stay here, I will give you this bracelet."

After she said that, Lilith pointed at the white bracelet on her wrist.

"What kind of bracelet is that?"

"...The bracelet is a measurement tool according to rank as a result..."

Lilith pointed to the gold line around her bracelet.

"...The rank is divided into 1 to 5 gold lines. If its 5, its mean the status are equal to dragan complety. So... if it is only 1 line, your rights are hardly recognized." (she mean 'existance' maybe)

By the way, Lilith's bracelet gold lines is 3.

"...There is more restrictive for small fish...if your gold line is 1. Its also rude if you listen to other dragon...and sometimes you are killed just by can't complain. There are also restriction to enter some buildings and sometimes even you want to exit the building too." [TN: whoaa.... just, whoaaa]

"....I see"

"...And there is also condition to meet the Dragon King. If your power can reach the dragon's rank standart.... well something like that."

Fumu, I put my hand at my chin.

I understand now, it seems social standings is perfectly formed by force.

Whether it is proud being or you can say aloof.... Well, I heard this tribe/race is have a strange way of thinking.....

"So, how much status limit do I need to meet him?"

"...The condition limit is severe. There are 5 gold lines.... a condition either HP or MP exceed 10.000. If it is a human, its level is called A rank class adventurer.... Its quite difficult condition."

Is that so, I nodded.

"Why not say that to me first"

Then, Lilith tilted her head a little and her sight to my status plate for the first time. And she opened her eyes wide.

"...What is this.... no.... but... this is..."

Shaking her head to left and right like saw something unbelievable, she is trembling on the spot suddenly. [TN: Poor her]

Then he operate the crystal ball and though something in her head.

".... I already have audience reservation with Dragon King, two hours from now...and it is fine to go during the audience."

"Haah!!?" [TN: fix. I love her more than Corde- *ahem, forget that]

What make me surprised was that Uncle of Red Dragon.

"What's wrong? What are you doing Librarian-san? It is an audience reservation with the Dragon King...."

Lilith shake her head and back to reality, and presented the status plate to the uncle of red dragon.

And that uncle make a startle expression.

"...I can't believe it.... you are...?"

No no no no! 
The one who should surprised is me.

"No, you don't have to be surprised that much, have you read my heart and memory?" 

That uncle shrugged his shoulder and said.

"Well... I only read the mind and memories if I permitted. I brought you here because I knew your circumstances in general... what was done in your third life. Well... I do not know your current status now."

"What does it mean?"

".... Its because I have Magic Barrier in my heart, I though it was strange." (is he means MC heart or his own? idk)

"Magic Barrier?"

Haa...and that uncle sigh, with a pale coloured and discomfort face along with his expression.

"Magical power over 2000.... I can't believe it, realy. even Dragon King won't be able to read your memory"

Somehow I aware of it, but it seems I growing too much.

"In other words, hallucinate, confuse, charm and petrify... its very hard to tell your spiritual condition."

That reliefed me.

I was planning to get various skills to counter the abnormal status effect...It seems that I could save the trouble.

"....audience with Dragon King...eventhough he is human....audience...what is this, a rare event." [TN: Mediiiic! she loses it!]

There seems to be a lot of things to think about like what this uncle do.

Well, it is good enough... and I smiled.

-Apparently even at the dragon seems they strengthening the village at the fast pace.

How is it? 
my eyes still hurt though.
I need rest a bit.
Good night Minna-san!!!

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