Murabito Desuga? Nanika? Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 Get a juicy knowledge with cheat! ~Magic Edition~ First Part

Excellent, while i smiled and said inside my heart.
Because this is when my second life started in the same place and the same situation as last time.


As i said so, it's when a blue eyed blonde haired woman who raised her voice inside the rugged log house.

First, to consider the event being young ......again.
Well, that is the case.
Anyway, its a simple calculation. Just the other day it has been already 13 years since mother who raised me until this time.
and, while moderately staring at mother.
In her latter half twenties with voluptous breast, cheerful and beautiful.
To think it was a thing that i could marry her without being forced to be a concubine without forcibly seeing it as nobleman as well.[TN: im not sure in this line]

"Happy 2 years old Birthday!"

Yes, today is my 2 year old birthday.
There are luxurious dishes lined in a rugged log house.
Well, but ...... That is only the usual black breads with bacon soup.

In any case, its quite impression to have a celebration in a situation that makes every effort to the utmost even though we are poor.
Even Nearby people like Neighbours are invited, there are also Cordelia family from next door.
Looking at the red-haired woman wich is Cordelia's wifehouse "Oh, my aunt is young," a frank impression comes to mind.
And, she is also terribly beautiful. (he mean awesomely beautiful i guess?)
It is natural to say that my mother is a beauty because the Cordelia herself is have a face that is set to the extent of "They are truly humans?".
Well, its fine as I am held by my mother and I try to reach out to the black bread on the table.

"Well~ well~ Lute-chan? isn't this (bread) is too solid (bread's texture) for Lute-chan?"

After that, my mother moving to the corner of room while still holding me.
My Household is just a poor farmer.
Well, this house is obviously narrow, it's only have one room.
And the place where my mother headed to is a place partitioned by a curtain.
Its more like......forcing one room into two rooms
Well, the point is this room is multipurpose, but this time one side of this room is used as nursing room.

And my mother took out her breast.

"Here Lute-chan~ Say aa~n" [TN : *gulp]
"Oh my~ you still drinking milk?"

I heard a surprised voice of Cordelia's mother over the curtain.
Her doubt is obvious, my mother is letting a 2 years old child suck her breast.
Of course, this is unusual. In normal case a child only breastfeeded until 1 years old. It's my first time she showing her honest surprised face.
Wait, isn't it a problem in the first place?
I got accustomed to the situation that suddenly sucking the breast of a beauty woman.... and it start from there.

"Eeh, im still let him suck it, but what? Is... that something funny?"
"Ermm... no, its both strange to say that is funny and not funny"

At the time when my aunt still mumbling, i heard a croup sound of baby that held by Cordelia's father.
And that is Cordelia's younger brother, a baby with a month of age.

"Oh my~, my son seems to be hungry" [TN: would you preffer "Oh my~" or original Onee-san like "Ara~ Ara~"?]

So my aunt came into the curtain partition side.
Then my aunt exposed her breast as well as my mother and began breastfeeding to her son. [TN: from the raw this line is from 3rd person view so i change it to 1st person, its fine right?]

So, as i looked at my aunt while sucking my mother breast, my aunt laugh and said.

"Hmm? Does Lute want to suck mine (breast) too ?" [TN:..... tch]

While my aunt giggling, my mother said a retort.

"I do not want it"

With a powerful voice ――a complete denial.

"... Eeh?"

A silence moment for a while.
And after that I am watching my aunt while sucking mother's milk.
Again, my aunt laughed and smiled nicely, and say.

"Isn't Lute also 『do not want』 my breast"

My mother asserted "I do not want it" before my aunt finished talking.

"Lute is fine with only my breast"
"Lute.... IS..... Fine with only my breast, yep he is fine with this"
"..................Eeh?" [TN: my favorite line]
"Lute loves Mama, Mama Loves Lute so you want to try?"
"This child dont want to hug other than me, do you want to try hug him? Because this boy will cry soon when he held by other person because Lute only Love his Mama so he wont crying!" (This quarrel is so cute)

While my aunt quite attracted to this, my mother offered me to aunt.
And my aunt expanded her both hands reflexively and carrying me.

"He will cry soon"

My mother so confidenly i would cry, but i wont cry.
I mean that i was quite shy who realy loved by my mom before i was reincarnated on Earth....

".... He is not crying?"

At the same time my aunt told me that, my mother's face was pale.

"Why... what's wrong!? Lute-chan !! Lute-chan ! Mommy is more than that such a woman right? .....Lute Love Mama, isn't he? Lute is only want to be held by mommy, isn't it? Why are you not crying? Don't cry and ask Mommy for help!?"

"such a woman....?"

Aunt who has a blank facial expression and a bit sad.
Like before she should have noticed the abnormality of my mother this time.
Nevertheless, after all, I thought that the Cordelia family is also good because I was getting along with my neighborhood like with my friends.
- As you have noticed, my mother is a sick lover at a morbid level.
And then, my mother began running to the entrance while still carrying me.

"Hey, you! Where are you going !?"

Ignoring the father who stop her, my mother run like a rabbit.

"Lute-chan.... you need must go to doctor...!"

Then, we run in a straight line with a tremendous speed toward the only pharmacist house in the village.
~Well ....I feel relieved toward my mother as usual.

And the time has come, at late night
I do not know the current time, well... maybe its around midnight.
I was laid in a bed for baby and I looked around. Okay, both mother and father are asleep.
And carefuly.

――It's come.

What I am doing now is ... practicing using magic.
It is commonly referred to as life magic, it is easy to use even child can use it if you understand concepts and know the tricks.

Well, understanding concepts is difficult for ordinary babies, mostly it is born with high level of controlling magical power skill. It is impossible except for a genius child who will do everything sensually.
And.. hey that is me, i am an adult who have a child body, it is like i am a Genius like some detective out there.

Then, as a result of magic exercise, faint wind was going around the room.

Because the wind is blown up by the baby, there is no power like the wind blown from the window. So, as long as my parents are sleeping, there is no such thing as being found out and troublesome thing.

However, even i bother up to wake up until midnight and use life magic only to generate a wak wind in the room.

What is the meaning of this ... ... There is no point in itself that only causes the weak wind.
The reason for choosing the wind is the most not noticeable, it was okay to raise a fire like a match otherwise, it was okay to have a glass of water.
My aim is - that is, using magic that is my MP magic point is consumed.
Again, I thrust my palm towards the ceiling. Then a gentle wind will be generated inside the room again.
1 time, 2 times, 3 times, 4 times ... ... ah, my vision is faded.

Apparently, my magical power is at the limit ... It seems I'm exhausted
So why did I repeat such a thing until the MP became zero ... well that is already planned.
Because, i want to be stronger.
Well, let's get down to business now. How can the villagers become stronger ... ... this is the first step.

Prologue 1 & 2   |   Chapter 2


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